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We have a rare full or part livery available at our small friendly yard :)


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Riding Lessons, training and coaching
Pony days and other extra activities
Booking and Payments
Opening Hours
DIY, Part, Full and Schooling Livery

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Riding lessons

We offer riding lessons and training for all level of riders, from children and beginners (we start teaching at 4 years old) to advanced riders and those requiring competition coaching. It doesn’t matter if you are completely novice, need your confidence back or want to improve technical skills we can help you with all this and more.

  • Private lessons: one to one lessons are 30mins (horse or pony ready) or 45 minutes in which case it will be offered to the rider to learn how to groom and tack up the horse or pony as part of the lesson. More advanced riders are welcome to arrive before the time their lesson is booked to help getting their horse or pony ready.
  • Group lessons: these lessons are 45 mins. We wish that all riders taking part to a group lesson arrive at least 15 mins before the time of their lesson to help and learn how to tack up the horses or ponies. Groups are usually kept to a maximum of 6 riders.
  • Hacks or similar family day out activities can be organised (please contact us for more details)
  • Mini jockey lessons: these lessons are for children between 4 and 6/7 years old. Groups are kept to 3 or 4 riders maximum. They last 45 minutes divided in two parts: 30mins grooming and tacking up (usually children enjoy this part as much as anything and it is really important in order to build up their confidence and relationship with the pony) and riding; unless it has been planned to go for a hack in which case the ponies would be ready prior to the lesson.

We also offer individual or group lessons for people on their own horses and pony club members (please contact us for more details)

Pony days and other extra activities

We organise a lot of extra activities such as pony days and camp with or without accommodation, coaching, training, ground work lesssons, riding days and stable management courses for adults, dressage and show jumping clinics, rides in the Hamstreet woods or on the Marsh.

We also aim to hold pony club events and clinics with various trainers.

  • Pony days and riding days: the content vary depending on the level and age of the riders, but there is always a lot of fun!

    These days usually start at 10am and finish at about 4pm. Riders are expected to bring a lunch box and warm waterproof clothes. The day is divided in two riding sessions of up to 1h30 and stable management activities. Sometimes we include an extra activity as part of the day such as hacking, carriage driving, mounted games or volting. With more advanced groups the day can take the form of training / coaching towards exams, a dressage or show jumping competition (clinic + practice)
  • Riding holidays with accommodation:
    We are lucky to be situated on the Rye and Country Tour right on the Marsh and near the North downs. We have easy access to toursitic towns such as Canterbury, Rye or the peculiar Dungeness. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy beautiful fresh seafood at Folkestone or to go shopping in London or Canterbury and for your children or yourself to practice horse riding in our lovely yard. Our riding holidays are aimed at children and teenagers or youn adults, but there are lots of accommodation options locally for the parents who would like to enjoy this magnigicent area. There are lots of accommodation options locally. When staying with us at the Oast, our guest can enjoy our garden where we have over 80 different kind of roses! We offer home made food prepared with only top quality and mostly all organic ingredients. We welcome every guest in a familial and friendly atmosphere.

    The content is pretty much the same as riding or pony days but there is usually time for more! (Please contact us for more information about sleeping accommodation, meals etc.) Livery can be arranged for riders with their own horse or pony (please contact us for details)
  • Over half term, bank holidays, summer and other holidays, besides pony days for children we organise clinics and lessons for all level of riders (please contact us for more information and look up for dates of events on the home page)
  • NEW: we are now going to offer our riders the possibility to train, take some exams and win some rosettes! ask us information about HDS bronze stirrup to Gold spur!
  • Riding days and stable management courses for adults are usually running during the term (children are at school and we have fun…)
  • Look up for our clinics and training sessions on our home page as we plan some all year-round for our advanced riders and livery clients.


Booking and payments:

  • We have a membership running and this gives our clients access to the best prices all year round. Lessons can be booked individually as singles or as a block of 10 lessons prepaid + one offered. Term payment will also be available for weekly lessons during the term; these lessons are at a cheaper rate. For pony days and extra activities we recommend booking early, as they are very popular and it will also help us with the administration.
  • Pre-payment is required and lessons not cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours notice are considered as taken. Block of 10 lessons + one are valid 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • We accept cash, cheques or Bank transfer payments

Opening hours:

  • We are closed Sunday and Monday. During half term, bank, summer and other holidays we are usually open
  • We are usually open between 8am and 8pm and we ask our liveries to try and respect these days and hours. We will be grateful for their discretion if they come down on a day the establishment is closed to public.
  • We teach all day including after school or work. The schedule may vary according to competitions, events, family life and holidays.

DIY, Part, Full and schooling livery:

We can look after your horse and help you improve your performances or simply enjoy your horse more because he is well looked after, supple, happy in his body and mind. We are happy to offer all the support you may need: care of your horse and tack (grooming, show preparation, tack cleaning…), training and coaching, exercise of your horse during the week, preparation for the next hunt or show. We are a small and professional yard with excellent facilities including a new all weather 60x20 sand school with a flexi ride surface and new individual electric fenced paddocks for the comfort, well being and safety of your horse or pony.

We have direct access to the Hamstreet woods and other lovely hacking options are available from the yard.

We are 10 minutes from Ashford, with an excellent and quick access to the motorway and main roads network.

We can help you school and exercise your horse in hand, on the lunge and ride him to suit his and your needs at any level and whichever type of rider you are: all disciplines are welcome at Hop Dog Stables!

  • Full livery includes all the bedding, feeds, mucking out, turning out, changing of rugs if applicable, hooves picked up, holding the horse for the vet or farrier. It is important to specify that the owners live on site.
  • Full livery + schooling: same as full livery plus your horse is exercised up to three times during the week
  • Full livery + lessons: same as full livery plus your choice of one or two lessons each week. These lessons are private and have a duration of about 45 mins
  • Full livery + schooling + lessons: all the above for total peace of mind.
  • Part livery: full livery monday to friday and DIY at the weekends. basic feed, shavings (2max/week extra available to purchase) and hay inclusive all 7 days
  • DIY livery: hay inclusive and you can of course add any assistance required with an extra cost

Livery clients are also welcome to join in any of the riding school activities such as group lessons, clinics and/or pony/riding days.

With any livery package you can add lessons or exercise as and when you need we have a package for regular 3 or more sessions per week. please refer to our price list.

Leçons et stages vacances

Notre école d’équitation vous propose des leçons toute l’année soit sous la forme de forfaits trimestriels, soit à la carte pendant les vacances ou week ends.

Nous sommes situés au coeur du Kent dans la region des Norths downs, sur les Marshes, près de l'intriguante Dungeness. Nous sommes à 40 minutes de Londres par train, 20 mins des villes touristiques de Canterbury et Rye, 15 mins des plages de Dymchurch et Camber Sands. Il est donc à la fois possible de déguster un merveilleux poisson à Folkestone ou d'aller faire du shopping à Londres ou Canterbury tout en permettant à vos enfants ou à vous même de pratiquer l'équitation dans un cadre exceptionnel. Il y a localement de nombreuses possibilités d'hébergement pour les parents.

Nous accueillons aussi bien les enfants que les adultes et ce quel que soit leur niveau. Nous avons la possibilité de préparer et de faire passer les Galops fédéraux.

Nous vous proposons également des stages à la journée ou avec hébergement dans notre petit moulin Kentish et son jardin où l'on trouve plus de 80 sortes de roses! (merci de nous contacter pour plus d’information sur les conditions d’hébergement et nos disponibilités).


Notre enseignement est dispensé selon trois grands critères:

  • Confiance
  • Plaisir
  • Perfectionnement

Lors des stages, les enfants montent à cheval au moins 3 heures par jour et participent à tous les travaux d’écuries et de soins aux chevaux. Nous leur proposons aussi des activités variées, travaillant bien sûr autour des fondamentaux et des 3 disciplines olympiques mais nous abordons aussi l’initiation à l’attelage, le travail à pied, les pony games, la voltige…

Pour les plus jeunes, l’accent est mis sur l’équitation plaisir et découverte. Nous n’hésitons pas à déguiser les poneys ou à utiliser une pédagogie par le jeu.

Nos capacités d’hébergement sont volontairement limitées et les enfants sont reçus à la maison, dans un environnement familial securisant et chaleureux. Tous les repas servis sont fait maison et essentiellement à partir de produits biologiques et de première qualité.

Nous nous adressons aux enfants en anglais notamment lors des séances à cheval qu’ils partagent bien souvent avec des élèves locaux anglophones, mais nous pouvons à tout moment les aider en français afin qu’ils ne se sentent jamais perdus.

De tels types de stages sont également possibles pour adultes (nous consulter).


Nous pouvons accueillir votre cheval à l’année ou à l’occasion d’un stage de perfectionnement pour une durée plus courte. Il est ainsi possible pour un jeune de venir passer un été avec nous pour un stage linguistique ameliorant ainsi à la fois son anglais et son equitation.

Nous sommes une structure accueillante bénéficiant d’excellentes installations, deux carrières dont une 60x20 dotée d’une surface flexi-ride et des paddocks individuels pour le comfort, le bien être et la sécurité de votre cheval ou poney

Nous avons un accès direct à la forêt de Hamstreet et d’autres belles promenades dans la campagne anglaise. Par ailleurs, nous pouvons organiser des sorties sur la plage de Camber sands, louer de très beaux terrains de cross-country et il y a grand choix de competitions dans toutes les disciplines pour se confronter aux anglais le temps d’un sejour parmis nous!


Merci de nous consulter